Two new Lion Heads

I was teaching my class at Nativity Prep and we talked about what we got out of the Lion Dance Competition. Thanks to Sifu Larry, I think the most physical thing I can point to beyond connections, friendships, and experience, is two new lion heads. We finished up our routine and he told me, "I have an old head that I'm going to donate to you guys."

But they really do look brand new, and yes there is two of them.

I cannot explain how much of a big deal this is to our team. Right now we are practicing with homemade heads. And actually, I think we might continue to practice with those, and save the nicer looking ones for performances.

I also have a group of 1st graders and younger who practice at the house. Shoot I can totally do a big show for Chinese New Year in Jamaica Plain now. At the library, or at the Curley school, or maybe at Nativity. I have to get on that in terms of reserving space etc.