How to pick up women in Chinatown

Yesterday I walked around Chinatown with my little pine tree in my hand.

"That's a nice tree!"

"Where did you buy that?"

"Excuse me.... Where did you get that tree?"

Everyone wanted to ask me, in perfect or broken English.

Actually, now that you mention it, it was all women that were asking me too.

So if you want to pick up women in Chinatown,

head over to 2 Boylston Street for the Chinatown Mainstreet pop up flower market and buy yourself a little bonsai and stand anywhere in Chinatown holding it in your hand. Or better yet stand in line at a siu lap place where people are stuck there... someone will start asking you about your little tree.

I got new footage yesterday with more people shopping.

It turns out.... it is better to get footage with less people because then you can actually see the merchandise.

There are plenty of Chinese New Year decorations, flowers, teas... and yes bonsai trees.

Which again, apparently attract women.