Western New Year, A Chinese New Year Dry Run

(Photo Credit: Adriana Li)
Well Western New Year is over.. and millions of American children have to feel sad about the fact that there is no holiday around the corner... and I say... JOIN US for Chinese New Year. After all, Western New Year is like a Chinese New Year Dry run (at least if you do lion dance with the Boston Chinatown Blog.) First night was a 20 minute parade versus a 6 hour long one. And a chance to realize you are not quite as in shape as you thought your were (or that you are absolutely fine and just need to drink more...) 

This year I dressed up as a Rooster/eagle/ Fire bird and didn't even get under the head.  And for Chinese New Year I am not quite sure what my role will be in Chinatown this year. But I know I will be doing two events in JP to expand the holiday out into other Communities. Wong Keung (whose Dragon is pictured above) actually does Malden and Quincy annually. JP has many Chinese residents but not a lot of Chinese businesses. But I see potential anyway.  

Look forward to a ton of Lion Dance and Chinese New Year themed posts coming up on the Chinatown Blog. As well as a jointly written post about our experience in the parade by Adriana and me (the rooster).