Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Here is a poem I wrote about my experience in the Chinatown New Year Parade this past Sunday, February 12, 2017. 

Memories two decades fragmented into cloudy pieces
Unwanted through adolescent years
Distanced from roots already withering away
現在二十幾年過了(Right now, twenty some years have passed)
這地方仍然一樣 (This place is still the same)
While other elements have just changed
Stepping on vague memories
Yearning to return to this space
Of childhood curiosity and adventure
As my presence enters this atmosphere of craving connections 
The sound of metal and wooden heartbeats amplified one hundred fold storms into my hungry ears
Lion scales and eyes emit solar rays 
Through the gray skies pouring down rain and snow
The heat of the dancing feet radiate flames of warmth
獅子的我夢想成真 (The lions of my dreams have become real)
看表演的採青在舊和新店鋪 (Watching the performance of Choi Cheng at old and new stores)
In addition to delivering fortune and prosperity
These blessed lions bring me into full clarity of long craved memories and dreams
我擁抱一切 (I cherish altogether)
舞獅 (Lion Dance)
春節 (Lunar New Year)
中國文化 (Chinese culture)
中國城 (Chinatown)
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