" It's a Skin Thing" Interview with Sensei David Dixon

I was talking with Sensei Dixon about Chinatown and mentioned that I now live in JP, which is labelled officially as the City's "Latin Quarter."

I also grew up in JP we were the 1st Black family in an Irish, German hood
From 64 and up

We lived on Lamartine St

Sensei Dixon talked about a friend he had grown up with. Whom he had fought with before becoming friends.

His mom was White his Father Chinese

Apparently, as adults he had felt slighted when after visiting him, the owners of the house, had asked him to not come around the house any more. I asked if it had been relatives...

No nothing like that his family and mines became friends... They were a Chinese family he was living with as an adult maybe he was renting a room from them

I asked if he felt that Chinese were more racist than whites even.

I think Chinese want to be White. Even in Hong Kong they are divided between mainland Chinese and the Chinese who live in Hong Kong.
As Asians go I have a good many Cambodian friends. They are like the Ni##ers  of the Asian World. some are darker than myself.

This statement shook my beliefs somewhat. I tend not to believe that Chinese are overtly racist. It is more like they do not trust outsiders of any kind, whatever color even if those outsiders are Chinese.
It’s a skin thing... It’s easy to get around cultural differences but you can't get around color.

Even in Martial Arts you have Blacks that study Karate rather than Kung Fu cause back in the days the Chinese refuse to take us as students.

Talking more about Race perception in Chinese culture he mentioned

Well let go back to the Statues of Buddha and how they have made him more white over the years. The original's  had curly hair, broad noses and big lips

It’s even true in the Black Nation if you’re light skin you’re better than a black person who is darker

All life came from Africa
Yea there are like 8 shades of Black.

There are even cases where you have twins one comes out Black the other White
My thing is not about color its about the internal light of a person

My thing is lil bro. Ppl are taught to be racist and that is so wrong

Have you ever had positive experiences with Chinese?

I have to admit my only contact. Was with my friend and his brother. Even when I use to go into Chinatown (to shop) they would follow me around even though I’ve been there any times... They would let the whites roam the store unharrassed.
The funny thing is store details (police details)  Are trained to watch

I have a good friend who started training in Wing Chung back in the 70's from a Chinese guy... Somehow word got to Chinatown and his teacher was call to come there and explain why he is teaching a Black

You asked the question if Chinese are more racist than Whites... There is no difference. What they both care about is the Black Dollar

Yes I felt offended i would shop there for years and that's the treatment I received.
We live in America, land of the Brave home of the Slave any race of ppl will accepted you to your face if your spending money
I can tell you this Lil Bro. When The Master Bruce Lee Died i cried for a week... Never met him never took kung fu back then but I loved that Man

I got into the Martial arts because I had 5 older sisters and we lived in a all White Irish, German hood

I’ve have studied Goju Ryu, Wing Chung, Wah Lum, and Goshi Shun all from Black men

I talked to him a little bit about my experiences teaching Kung Fu and Lion Dance at Mission Park in Roxbury. I noticed that even in my class there was a division between black and Chinese. And a lot of racist jokes and noises being thrown the other way (from the blacks to the Chinese as well. And that I heard that many blacks were boycotting my class in solidarity with the old teacher (who was black)  and for whatever reason had to leave. I did come away from the experience that Martial Arts ARE extremely important for the Black Community.   At the end of the class one student took a knee and bowed like in a movie. What I realized is that some people need a Sifu, a Sensei, yes a MASTER, in order to get through childhood, before they can become their own Master. But given the history of our country, I feel extremely uncomfortable with this when I have a black student… because I am white.

So I do believe it would be better if the master was black. I did not go into all these details with Sensei Dixon. I only mentioned that Martial arts was important for the black community and that it would be better if the Master was black and I mentioned the black students making “ching Chong” noises and saying this old lady who was helping to watch my child, smelled and how they were saying all Chinese people smelled even as I was teaching them Chinese Lion Dance.

See this is the wrong way to think it should not matter the color of a person’s skin or the back ground it kills me to the core to hear stories like that...
I have never taught my kids nor my students any racist stuff. You know why Lil bro? Because i don't know any.
You are welcome Lil Bro. just walk with a open mind and you will do God's work

I will tell you the truth. It was uncomfortable hearing some of these things. And of course many readers may have counter arguments. But the point of the blog is to show all perspectives and to look at all the aspects of Chinatown. My goal for this blog was never to be objective… but to step into other people’s shoes and to allow the reader to do so as well.

Thank you Sensei Dixon for sharing your very personal experiences.