SuperBowl HomeImprovement

We all know by now about Tom Brady's Chinese New Year video.

If not, here it is.

Isn't that cool?

But the cultural exchange goes both ways. 

Well here is a story about Chinese/Vietnamese Americans who have started a HomeImprovement company called SuperBowl HomeImprovement Company

Oh, and full disclosure, they are all my Si Hings. I had taken a group picture on my Go Pro but it ended up being blurry. But it's kind of like the Kung Fu 3 musketeers, who are going to use there Kung Fu school sto fix up your house.  Here is a picture of the man you will contact for business, Lac AKA Sunny Tran

His number is 857-249-9168
or you can reach him by e-mail

Kanh, who I don't have a picture of, is the behind the idea of the construction business and has been in the field for 28 years. 

James will be the paperwork guy. It would be cool to start covering different jobs for the blog to especially if they relate to Chinatown.