What makes a school?

A friend of mine who is also in the Kung Fu world asked me some questions about what makes a school.
I can imagine that if these questions were brought to someone who has been doing this for a while
the answers would be like, "But you know this already?" But actually I think that mentality is a mistake. 
I have seen many different styles and models fro Kung Fu teaching. 

Or also for groups. If you look at the history, there is also a correlation between Kung Fu and Religion. 
And so there are all sorts of models from business, to family, to cult, to revolutionary movement.
I am going to post the questions first and then answer  whatever people have the most interest in. 

Although I already answered these questions in an e-mail, I think I will go into a broader
 answer doing a post for each question.  

I think I will go into the fantasy and theoretical as well which very well may become reality in my future. 

In other words, I have ideas fro new models of schools that I would like to try. Or perhaps using
old models in a new way. 

If  I really had it my way, I my books would be as successful as JK Rowling's and the Kung Fu Schools
would be like little Hogwarts that would make money but also provide for the community. 
Not only provide for the community, but actively turn it around and solve many societal problems from our 
country's issue with policing to poverty and hunger. Maybe I'll be answering these questions more in terms 
f what my fantasy school would require. 

1. What exactly makes someone a sifu as opposed to an instructor of kung fu? 
 What kind of training is involved in both roles to obtain either title?
2. Are all students required to perform?  

3.What is expected of students?
4. Students pay tuition to the school
 and in return what is expected of sifus/the school? 
 ie practice space availability, 
instruction from instructors vs. sifus, outlets for performing/demonstration

5. When is lion/dragon dance practiced/performed?
6. Are sifus/instructors paid in a martial arts school?
 Is this their full time jobs?
7. Are performers/students paid for performances?
8. What is the market rate for a student, whether adult or child?
9. How much does it cost to run a martial arts school? 
 What are the other sources of income besides performances and tuition fees?
10. What keeps retention and census high?
11. Do you give back to the community?

I may have other questions depending on your answers.  
Such as if nobody's getting paid, why do you all keep doing it?