Lost Connection at 64 Beach Street

Well some interesting things have happened in the Boston Chinatown Blog since I started. I met a lot of new friends and solidified old relationships. People have reached out to me looking for calligraphers or tours or performances and classes or to reminisce.

But recently someone from Singapore (but originally from Hong Kong) reached out looking fro a relative. The letters were coming from Boston's Chinatown in 1974 and the last one was from 64 Beach street. A restaurant perhaps?

In any case...my Uncle always joked and called me, Adam Cheung P.I.

So when someone puts some sort of mystery in front of me, I have to at least ask....

Plus I know it would make a good story for the blog.

I will let more details come out as the unfold... plus, I have to make sure this is all tactful and everyone wants the story to come out. If not... then it will be filed away and used for fiction.
Four Oceans