More Fu Manchu

The further I get into "Iron Fist" the more I see a continuation of Sax Romer's BS. Where the Chinese are always somehow villainized and it has to be a white hero.
Karate Kid was about Japanese/Okinowans... but let's look at that. for a second, since it's been remade a few times and at least that model, where the white hero at least has an Asian Sifu type as a guide has been played upon many times. At least Pat Morita was there.

In this version the Asian (basically sidekick) is an Asian female Side kick. Much like Bruce Lee's Kato. And she is also the love interest. Colleen Wing is cool, don't get me wrong.. but seriously all the other Asian characters are villains..

At first Chinese people weren't even really part of the story but once they are, they are all bad, even the old ladies.. with their sword canes killing people in strange rituals that don't exist.....

I still like the show and I like that there are scenes from New York's Chinatown... but people who criticized the whole Charlie Chan model (where at least the CHARACTER if not the actor was Asian) should rethink that.

Charlie Chan I would argue led to Jackie Chan's Indiana Jones like movies. Granted these movies were made by Hong Kong Studios, but at least they made it over here.

We need someone like Jackie Chan again (not in terms of the crazy stunts per se) but in terms of the willingness to make the films that are good enough to push through to the mainstream because Marvel (which was fantastic with Luke Cage) and has traditionally tried to be diverse and fight for the underdog in terms of Social Justice... just ain't doing it for the Asians.

Superman is Asian, in the Comic books now (I know that's DC) but it's always true that someone that can be Asian in the cartoons will not be cast as Asian in the live person film.

The fact that Iron Fist is white.. I did have a problem with... but I got over it. But why do all the villains have to be Asian? This is true in the British Shows too, with Sherlock battling an evil Chinese Syndicate.

This really just makes no sense.

The truth  of what is happening in Chinatown is the same Narrative as the plot in Daredevil. Gentrification.

The issue in Ironfist is the opioid addiction. But whose fault is that? How are you blaming Chinese for that?
If anything the first Opioid out break was England's fault and many Brahmin types in Boston and New York.

Iron Fist is not only fantastical it is the reverse of reality.

A lot of Chinese money is actually investing in these clinics meant to help addicts.. not out of the goodness of their heart but because they know they will get their money back. But Percoset and Oxy codone is made in the States, legally, and was never the fault of the Chinese.  But basically that is what IronFist is trying to say.

And again, there is a history behind this BS, with everyone tying that drug to China somehow when it was the British who really pushed it on China in the first place.

Did Marvel do this intentionally? Honestly I think not. The whole evil Asian mastermind is just so ingrained in the Western Psyche that even when they try to make a show about social justice this stuff comes out.

It should also be noted that there is no Latino Hero. Claire is a Nurse with no superpowers. Even though she is in every show, she is never the main focus.

They can fix this... but mayeb BCB should make our own superhero show. Adriana Li, the Taina Tiger. With the Tiger Claw power. (We were thinking of this before Iron Fist) But seriously Chinatown needs a Super Hero.  A diverse one at that.