Storming Lantana Beach:Chinese President Xi Jin Ping's visit causes quite a stir in local Florida town.

With Xi JIn Ping visiting, Florida there was quite the seen yesterday and today at Lantana beach. My cousin went down there to hang out and suddenly saw what looked like a riot.

"I have never seen so many Chinese people in my life," said Danny the Griz, Peters, my blood cousin.

I told them to go tell them that his cousin was Chinese and see what their reaction was.

"I don't think they spoke English.... honestly I could not tell if they were happy to see the guy or protesting."

The Griz was just going to relax after work and realized that just wouldn't be happening.
 "I had to get out of there. I went to the ghetto beach instead.... but I heard that people were actually paid to be there.

Boston Chinatown Blog may have to investigate this further with some follow up interviews.

Interesting to point out... you may see this type of flag waving craziness with the five star flag in Boston... but honestly I doubt you will see it in Boston's Chinatown for the time being. All the old Wah Kiews wave the other flag, for the Republic of China.

Basically my cousin did just walk into something very interesting for his neck of the woods and only because Xi Jin Ping is staying at the nearby hotel resort.

So were the people their happy or protesting? Were they paid to be there or voluntarily there? Fox news is covering it... but I think we could get an interesting perspective on it too.

Hopefully there is more to come on this.