What an April Fool I was!

Today was a crazy fun day.

Thanks to a friend, who I met through the Chinatown Blog, I got free tickets to go to the Smurfs movie.

I will do a post later about Smurfs, movies and Ghost in the Shell as it relates to Asian culture or perceptions anyway at some point. Short version, it was fun.

After that we headed to where else? Chinatown!

Walking down the street an old woman locked eyes with my son and was unable to pull away.

"Nei Ho!"

"Nei ga jai ah?"

You see that, she asked me in Chinese... because she couldn't see my face because like I said, her eyes were locked on Noah. But I recognized her as a Chinese teacher from Mission park and reminisced quickly before going into Mei Sum's For Viet Subs, Cherngs and Baos.

Digging into my Banh Mi while the kids ate cherngs I thought, "Where else can you do this? Get pastries and subs at the same place? I mean you won;t get that at a Jewish or Italian Bakery?

Plus the "messy" atmosphere means I don;t feel awkward with the kids (and yes me too) kind of being messy.

More on this on a later post.

So to come it will be

1) movies
2) Baos
3)Grocery store

because next I went to Mai Sung like a pau pau at Jia Ho. Usually I buy one or two things, but Grace is away and I am actually buying to cook meals now I even got a big thing of Soy Milk.... which reminds me that I have to buy cereal for the kids tomorrow.

Got my Lat choi, and veggies and meats and some Fu yu.. and I was listening to music and thought of Wind Chin's Music post. They played Jackie Cheung followed by Shanghai Tan followed by Beyond.. and then I was out.

To Moh goon.

Where we played with sticks, cards, and Chinese Chess.

But the food was perishable so back to JP. After Noah raided the snacks.

But then.. get this... there was a breakthrough in the Long Lost Father case.

Auntie Amy showed Uncle Frank the picture and he knew him..

Of course! Why didn't I just go to him FIRST!

Anyway. The long lost father may have ties to Nai Lun Association. I have been meaning to go there for a long time because my father ALSO had ties to that and maybe this will be a good excise to finally poke my head in. I guess I will do that on Monday.

But I was a fool, basically for not having a smart phone because it would have been good to knock on the door when I was in Chinatown.

Anyway.. tons to come.