"Better off among her own kind.."

So I had seen the ending scene where the girl (who I assumed was fully Chinese) was rescued by the major. In fact an elderly woman from Singapore had referenced that scene in a Faith Sharing speech at a Church where she compared the scene to her own life and how members of the Church who were white saw her in trouble and picked her up and out of her situation.

But I didn't realize the character was half Chinese, and this bar conversation at the beginning of the click is fascinating to me.

The thing is I can pass for white... so probably so "my own kind" would be white most likely and my grandfather had once said to my mother that it might be a good idea for me to just have the name Peters since my father had passed away anyway and I would simply be less confused were I to pick a side (a race) and just stick with it, seeing how I would NOT be accepted by Chinese anyway. (As a kid I had blond hair... really stuck out you know.)

But of course the major that says the girl should be left in China among her own kind takes her out of there (granted it is an unstable country at that point)

I'm just saying this movie has so many talking points. Its a REAL glimpse into the minds of Americans view on Chinese or at least Hollywood's view on Chinese.

You could do a whole class watching this, then watching Once Upon a Time in China.. and then you would need a modern Mainland China movie and I couldn't tell you which one because I haven't watched a Chinese movie in a while. It would have to be something very influential. Something that really made waves. I don;t think it should be Great Wall.