Freeze BCB!

Watching the BAAFF Short wave competition (somewhat haphazardly because I brought my children with me) I realized I was wrong to put down my camera. I thought I was moving... but now I am not....well not exactly, and I think instead of bringing my Go Pro to places and waiting for things to happen, I should actually work on Narratives.

Or a version of Chinatown "reality TV"

Something between a show and a video.

Boston Chinatown Blog contributor have talked about this before.... after seeing Nicole Tay's video (which won) and also watching some episodes of the Netflix series, "The 80's" I started to see a a history of television... what was groundbreaking before... and where things are headed now.

Nicole Tay's show was a spoof, and I think part of the appeal was that she was a young Asian possibly queer female in a lead role. A heroine saving the day... except again the whole thing was a spoof.

A friend of mine, while filming another spoof, had mentioned, "Why isn't the hero a woman?"

That was ruminating in my head when I saw the  "The 80's" talk about "Cagney and Lacey" a buddy cop show about two women.

And it hit me.

Why not make a You tube show or You tube videos about these two lesbian women who aren't necessarily cops.. they would actually be Boston Chinatown Blog Contributors or maybe .... maybe they would even have badges that said "Boston Chinatown Blog." They would bust down a door and be like, "BCB!" You see you can't exactly do that in real life (or maybe you can and get people's confused as hell reactions.)  But if the whole thing was staged.. that's different. (safer)

But many different types would watch this show for different reasons. There is the whole liberal feel to it, but conservatives would totally watch two hot chicks going around Chinatown too, obviously for different reasons. I mean if you have "Asian Lesbians" in the title you are going to get a lot of hits on the internet. But then the show would actually be about real Chinatown issues. People would be expecting porn, but would get a thought out narrative about the community. Gentrification, domestic abuse, drugs, other sorts of crime, maybe "coming out" to traditional Chinese Parents, the language barrier... whatever.

And the BCB officers wouldn't be cops though. There is a fantasy element to it already even if they were, but they could just be there to somehow help. They should use Kung Fu actually, not so much because it's entertaining, but I would be nervous as hell about anyone flashing a prop gun on the street. That could end with real bullets coming at us. So they should be like Colleen Wing and maybe have traditional Kung Fu weapons. Or something that is obviously unrealistic.

And again the perspective is through these two lesbian women's perspective... but they would be doing Chinatown stuff, which would involve the old generation and very conservative perspectives as well.

It would give the older generation a chance to tell their story about Herng Ha or first coming here or whatever. The show would bridge the future and the past,  the left and the right. But most of all it would have to be entertaining and well edited.