White Lanterns and Kung Fu Demos

I am sure most women are actually more appalled by the conversation about what a woman's thoughts are more likely to be in this movie. But I couldn't help noticing the white lanterns with various Chinese Characters written on them and the British Consul.... White represents a funeral in Chinese culture... so was this a mistake? 

Also regarding the gift of a lion. It is interesting that Hong Kong's old currency (I can't remember treh denomination) depicted a British Lion crushing the Chinese Dragon. Symbolism is definitely paid attention to in Both cultures. I tried to Google the image of the bill but couldn't find it or remember the denomination. 

The Kung Fu demo was kind of cool. Looks like Hung Gar with more dancing around. But you can see it's definitely different that Wushu (which didn't exist in the 60's) Also, Hong Kong Movies in the 60's were not the action packed Kung Fu movies of the later 70's and 80's. So this is kind of cool. Kung Fu moves on screen before the invention of the Kung Fu movie. 

The Boxer Rebellion was more around San Dong and I think one of the famous Bak Gwa masters (if not one of the people considered to be a more recent founder, was involved. He fought with a European soldier that was killing a Chinese citizen, then he was shot dead. Something like that. I forget. 

But I just want to point out that there is a whole other narrative that would depict Boxers as unruly and out of control.. but heroes against the soldiers who were murdering and raping for fun long before the rebellion. 

A Good book that shows some of this is Mo Yan's Sandalwood Death.