Be like a Panda! Boa Newgate's experience of the March for Equality.

I got a chance to Interview community Activist, Boa Newgate about his participation in the march for Equality in Boston a while back.

(Boa is second from the right.)

Boa also organizes the Lion Dance competition which will be in Saugus this year.

I asked him what got him involved in the March.
Boa: My whole life I've been standing against racism. Growing up I've faced racism and I have friends and family who are affected by racism now I want to represent the community and be a hero to all.
Would have been cool to have the Lion heads turn up at the march too.
Boa: Lion dancing during the match wouldn't be a good idea because it would put my students in danger and I wouldn't want them to be hurt. I don't think it would be the right environment.
How did you decide on your wardrobe?

Boa:  It's not easy wearing the tutu in front of thousands of people. We did it for our fiends and family. They are affected by so much racism and hate. We wanted to show that we love them and here for them. My friend and I want to represent all. We want to represent the human race. We believe at the end of the day. We are all connected.

There were a lot of different versions of what happened that day. And it probably depended on where you were in the crowd. I asked Boa what his overall experience had been.

Boa:  My take away for that day, you don't have to let hate into your heart. You can use humor and be positive. I think humor is more effective. You don't want to fight hate with more hate. My friends and I brought all different generation and culture together. We had so much love and support from everyone.

I wondered if, being a community activist, this was the sort of thing Boa did all the time.

Boa: I don't do a lot of marches. I found out about this march from friends and social media. I don't like to give my attention to this kind of things. I don't want to feed the fire. I rather focus my attention towards the community and my students, but this event hit close to home. As a leader in my community I can't sit back and do nothing. I want to be a voice that represent the helpless and I want to lead by example.