Buddha Statue

Greetings folks. Since moving to New Jersey, I have started selling items online to support my artistic endeavors, including the Chinatown Blog.

Of course I am only one of many people who contribute to the blog either directly or by providing information and stories.

I will be selling items on EBay. But for some items I would like to give the Boston Chinatown Blog family first dibs....uh with a contribution.

That's right this is kind of like PBS.

You make a pledge. And then you get a gift.

This statue of Buddha for instance, is something I'm not sure about selling on EBay.

It looks like it's Ivory....but a) with everyone destroying Ivory in New York city to protest killing elephants, maybe if its real that decreases the value to nothing.

It is kind of ironic to kill an elephant and make a Buddha out of its teeth.

B) If it's not ivory I still don't know how to price it.

I'm betting it's not real ivory.

Please contact me about obtaining this item as a gift with a pledge.

I'm thinking $100

But if you are low income and have written or given me info we can talk about that. Still have to pay for shipping though and I can't do everything for free.

I have all sorts of inventory so let me know if you are looking for something.

My email is cheungfamilykungfu@gmail.com