Channelling your inner beauty set

Do you feel that on the inside you are really a beautiful Vietnamese woman? This set, (which seems to include a colonialist and sexist statue with  mirror) is NOT. It is actually a channelling set to help you find your inner beautiful Vietnamese or foreigner playing dress up in an Aoia.

The story goes that a young woman with low self confidence asked a monk for help. He said that the goddess in the well would help her, but to summon  that goddess she had to fill the well with water.

Every day the young woman filled the well at the top of the hill with buckets of water from the river in Shaolinesque discipline.

When the final bucket was poured and the waters became still, she did indeed see the goddess if the well. It was a reflection of herself.

So it looks like a hot woman with her boobs hanging out of her dress and a compact with another hot girl walking away. But the secret is that it is a way to look at what you want to be on the inside and reflect on that beauty, which is faceless and a reflection of your own willpower.

I am thinking a $30 pledge for this gift.

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