Interview with Bianca Bogden, Exit Plan Actress.

We got a chance to interview the lovely Bianca Sylvia Bogdan, who you can follow on Instagram here.

She has worked on Exit Plan and a few other projects with Mandy Chan as well as Khoi AKA Sting.

BCB: How did you meet Mandy and Khoi?
Bianca: In school I had photography class together with Quentin, 
who introduced me to Mandy Chan and to the 35 Horizon Family, 
including Khoi. I remember the very first time I met them was in a shoot. 
Quentin asked me to model for him and they were there to help him

BCB:  Was it exciting being in a Martial Arts scene? 
Bianca: It was super exciting. Since I was a child I wanted to have
 a role in a movie where I fight, so I’m happy I could have had this experience. 
It was very hard though. Since I did rhythmical gymnastics and ballet for 12 years before, 
 the movements and poses in martial art didn't come naturally. In fact, I felt like I look weird
 while trying to do it, and I guess I did. But after a lot of training eventually it came out great
 and I think I did my best. 

BCB:  Tell me about your personal background, like where are you from?
Biance: I’m from Budapest, Hungary. This will be my 4th semester in Boston as a visual media art student. 

BCB: Have you done much modeling in the past? 
Bianca: I’ve never modeled officially, but I’ve been to quite a lot of shoots. 
Recently it was mostly with our group. There are some photographers and 
it’s always great to help each other. 

BCB:  What do you plan for the future?
For now, my number one goal is to finish school and have my diploma.
 I try to bring the most out of my stay here and meet as many interesting people as I can. 

(Some words about Khoi’s video:)
It was so much fun. I just had to pretend to be on a date with him, 
which obviously didn’t need a lot of practice as a martial art scene. 
It felt natural and the crew was awesome. 

Bianca is part of the 35 Horizon Production company, also known as 
35 Horizon Family. To hire them to tell your story contact them through this link