Irony Fist

If you haven't seen Michael Tow and Teja Arboleda's spoof of "iron Fist" you have to check it out.

Now I don't think that you necessarily have to have seen Iron Fist to get the jokes. Basically when you look at Luke Cage, Harlem's hero, you are expecting Iron Fist to be Chinatown's hero. And he is. Except it's a white guy.

So the spoof is that they Asian Hero is more competent and also attractive to females.

The funny thing is Chris O'Reily and Danni Wang actually did such a great job, that I would totally watch THIS version of Iron Fist. I mena I watched Iron Fist all the way through despite hating aspects of it. But even if you look back at comedies that have made it in the mainstream and not totally pissed off the Asian Community... you can have the protagonist be white, especially if he is kind of stumbling around and incompetent and funny. 

Like everyone knows that Bruce Lee should have been cast in his own damn tv show he created, Kung Fu. But he wasn't. He was however cast as the Green Hornet, the remake of which had the similar dynamic of the loser funny white guy being the protagonist (Seth Rogen), but Jay Chou was the kick ass competent sidekick. 

That movie didn't do so hot... but having worked on the above short film (I'm a masked fighter guy)  I have to acknowledge Chris O'Reily's genius of trying to look incompetent but make it known that he is still the Iron Fist. It's a difficult balance. 

Louis Kim was a lot of fun to work with too. And mad props to all the stunt guys, Sean Brown, Manny Gonzalez, and Michael Carmack  who I picked up a few camera fighting tricks from for sure.

Sherar Andalcio and I of course go way back and it was a lot of fun to just meet up and talk for a bit. And Mai Du's branch of the Wah Lum Kung Fu School in Malden was a great place to jump and flip around. And again, it was fun to see the Wah Lum guys and gals and their Sifu Mai, and make a movie all at the same time.

Watching take after take of certain acting parts, Danni Wang was very impressive in how she was able to capture all of our attention just doing variations of the same lines all day. I knew she was a great actress just from that. But I didn't even know about her other work on Madame Secretary, one of my wife's favorite shows...

I'm not saying Irony Fist should be its own Netwflix show... I AM saying that it totally could be.

It was great fun and I hope to do more stuff like this.