Interview with Johnbel Mauhauteire. (A 35 Horizon Productions Story.)

I met the great Mandy Chan while working at the VMA as an IT Assistant at Bunker Hill Community College. Mandy Chan has given me a vast amount of knowledge about photography. I've learned a lot about photography and the techniques that are used in photography such as lighting and framing techniques through his help.

 My parents immigrated from Haiti when I was about 11 years old in hope of a better life in the United States. I have three younger siblings and I'm the oldest one in the family which means that I always have to constantly look out for the younger ones.

 Photography was something that was always interested to me ever since as a kid, everything about photography just amaze me. It wasn't until the end of my senior year in high school that I bought my first camera and started to take pictures, which I've been doing ever since. I would say it wasn't until when I bought my first camera that I really started to get into photography. It stills amazes me that we have the ability to freeze a picture in time, and making our reality looks like a fantasy.

There's a lot that photography brings to life. It brings all sorts of emotions and revelations. Although I've never done any particular work in Chinatown, I'm hoping to do a few projects over there. I feel like Chinatown has a lot to offer, because of it's enrich culture. It's on my to do list. My plans for the future is to build up connections in the photography industry, also to learn as much as I can from people that have been in the photography industry. But I'll wait and see what the future brings. (Johnbel is part of 35 Horizon Production Company)