Pictures of places: part one

I was looking trough fb posts of a friend who visited Hong Kong and I recognized some of the scenery. The pictures were nor of tourist attractions. But I specific memories tied to each place..  as did my friend if course, hence postng them.

By now, its been so long that perhaps my memories aren't even correct. But I will share my memories anyway in the

following posts.

For this first one  I will pick a memory that wasnt even in Hong Kong. It was Kyoto. I has walked up to a foot bridge in the mroning and practiced Kung Fu there. Later, a whike wrestling team ran by on their morning jog. I cannot  remember whther I had snaooed a photo then (on actual Film!) Or if it was later when the studt tour crossed the same bridge. It was a very ordinary looking bridge. It coukd have been any city. But when out class looked through photos if our trip a classmate poibted that photo out, among the many dramatic postcard esque pbotos that became so common place in the touristy parts of Kyoto.

He looked and said that was his favorite pboto, that he knew it was ugly but holding his hand over his heart he said, "It's Kyoto."

There are many scenes and pictures that are like that in Chinatown...especially pictures that my mother took. They seem to be of nothing at the time. But somehow so many years later they actually mean something to the community. She even caotured some people who are grandparents if people that I know. Did she know them? At least there us a picture.