Are we going about this the wrong way?

I just shared anoither article on the Boston Chinatown Blog page about the "the battle for Chinatown." A majority of articles in the mainstream Boston media share the same perspective right from one of the first ones in the Herald a couple of years ago called "Grounds for concern". That talked about a bakery in the middle of Chinatown being closed.
The idea was that this was the beginning of the end. If course the building is owned by a a very strong leader in community, probably by far still the strongest, and the space is now... a new bakery.
Now the newspaper could have easily looked that up. They probably did. And probably chose not to include it because it didn't fit the metanarrative. In fact, some of the LLCs that own addresses that are pointed to as being areas of concern for gentrification and air bnb hostels that should worry the community are Chinese owned.
One building in Chinatown that I know is owned by a non Chinese family... was owned by that family when Chinatown was a JEWISH neighborhood and the family (Syrian, I have no idea of their religion) still owns it. This family had members who were playmates if Auntie Amy back in elementary school.
More on this later. I WILL be sharing some venting articles that are mostly opinion..
But just because my opinion and what I know  doesn't line up with an article about Boston's Chinatown that comes across my feed, does that mean I should share it? Am I obligated to share it? Don't know.