The power of a gate

What does the Chinatown gate... or rather a Chinatown gate mean? Yes, in many Chinese villages there is a gate to go into the village. Is that the case inner city neighborhoods in China?

That's a real question.

Boston's Chinatown gate has "All equal under heaven" on one side, and someone explained the other side to me having to do with conducting oneself as a gentleman. These are KMT sayings from what I gather, a party which was a rebel group fighting a revolution against the Qing Dynasty, based on the ideals of America.

In other words, Boston Chinatown's gate is American as hell. It is so American that Europeans and Chinese tourists come to Boston, and it is one of things they take selfies under in their American adventure.

But what does it mean today? What I am getting at is, do you need it. A gate. The organizations, statues and parks that are inherently Chinatown as opposed to community parks in a neighborhood that happens to be mostly Chinese.

What am I getting at? Ok well I live cliser to NY now so... is Flushing less if a Chinatown than Manhattan?

And actually I don't really care about the answer to that question because Flushing is strong as hell. I AM actually asking this question though.

Is 8th ave a weaker Chinatown or a stronger Chinatown than Manhattan? And of course what do I mean by weak?

Here us the thing. Brooklyn's Chinatown appears to be stronger culturally. What I mean is that it feels like a pure Chinatown, without any political bs, prostitutes and gangs, or "tourist traps" which is a loaded term.

But it doesn't appear to have the countless alphabet soup organizations that sponsor events and tweet about it. Its harder for tourists like me and my family ti find out about "events" or whatever.

My wife would say that Brooklyn needs someine to go in and make it like Manhattan...but will that ultimately destroy it?

I mean, there is the dim sum places and Canto places that could just as easily be in Manhattan in terms of price.

But then there are places selling Bais for 50 does one survive like that?

Its not that Boston's Chinatown doesn't have places like that. But seriously I think the owners of these buildings that are worth tens of millions of dollars are actually operating at a loss.... and people still like to complain about them, when obviously just to exist like that means they are in it for the community. Otherwise the would cash out. Seriously.

Well more ranting later.