Chinatown University

Harvard is in the news for possibly discriminating against Asian applicants. They deny this.
I will not even comment on whether they are or aren't here.

I will say that other groups have been discriminated against by Universities in the past.

New Universities were created. Howard University. Boston College, Notre Dame, Wellesley, Babson, and Tufts to name a few. Those names conjure certain groups of people, though technically all of those schools are open to everyone.

100 years from now it would be nice to have a strong established Educational place that is really just a club. Can we even say with certainty that Universities will be around in 100 years as they exist today? Northeastern University grew out of a local YMCA that started offering classes.

And what was Harvard in the beginning? Wasn't it a religious school for a small sect of Christianity, in an out of the way part of the world from a Eurocentric point of view to get a what basically is a black belt in Christianity? (from a Martial Arts-centric point of view)

Nowadays, with online learning, the biggest challenge for an organization to become more than an established and recognized University, but a powerhouse of research and political connections, is working together. So a brick and Mortar physical place with statues and history matters.

Interestingly, there are a ton of such places. The non profits have been created. The Temples and buildings exist.The members exist too.

Some of them even offer classes, though maybe not to adults.

It would be interesting if these organizations could rise to challenge IVY Leagues or even just become Universities.

The biggest part is actually probably not crushing these other schools on Test scores. Its what kind of weight alumni can throw around in the world, and can they all work together toward a vision of something like what Harvard represents... maybe something greater and more fitting for the future.

Just a thought.