Coronavirus and Hearts and Minds

This Coronavirus thing is a big deal. Of course its a big deal. I'm not saying it's not a big deal. However I just want to compare my experience living in Boston Chinatown when SARS was around, and I had yet to join Facebook (though it existed) or maybe I was on it but not looking at it on my phone. There wasn't Twitter yet. And the only news I was really looking at was the World Journal and Tsingtao... and only the pictures..while spitting chicken bones onto that newspaper while eating rice in a circle chatting at what was basically a Kung Fu Frat house that also allowed women and children.... but the male dominated atmosphere was palpable (or so I was told by my female friends who felt they would rather not enter.)

Anyway, I worked at the Chinatown McDonald's, a couple of people who had traveled to China had to take two weeks off before coming back to work at that McDonald's. I had heard of SARS. Jokes were made about Sasparilla sounding like SARS and some people still called root beer by that Chinese name for Sasparilla... which sounded like SARS... but I barely noticed it. Now of course they are saying Coronavirus is probably going to infect 60% of American population but it will be like next November or something. No I have no source for that quote. I have no idea if that is true.

I do know that I was watching the news and it showed (at the time) 80K case worldwide. And then later on it said San Francisco declared a state of emergency. When I went to Chinese School this turned into, "You went to SF? Three feet away!" and "SF had 80K cases"

I have been going to various different Chinatown's and every single the experience when going there is different then what I see on the news or even on Social Media. That was one of the reasons I started blogigng about Chiantown.. but with Coronavirus that is becoming more and more apparent. I mean how do you write about Coronovirus in New Rochelle or whatever and then show a picture of NYC Chinatown? One specific business to be exact. It was the New York Times that first wrote to stay away from Chinatown to begin with. And yet most of the cases popping up have nothing to do with Chinatown. The rich Chinese Tourists were wearing masks over Chinese New Year at Sax 5th Avenue... probably while riding the subway or whatever. But id didn't see any masks in Chinatown proper in Boston, SF or NYC. I wore a mask on the plane.. .cause I don't want to catch a non-deadly disease either.

I went to dim sum in NJ and it was slow... .but not dead.

"Are you far from here? Why don't you come more often then?" I was asked.

"Ok Ok I should come more often."

Because if I don't, it might be that I don't have the option to go to dim sum so close to home anymore.

Here's the thing. The Walking Dead, Twitter, Facebook, a culture of that impending sense of doom is making us crazy. On top of that, yes the Coronavirus or if not this one then some other new virus next year or the year after that, could be a big problem in the States, not just overseas.

But it has gotten to the point where I am starting to trust Twitter and the news more than my own eyes.

We live at a time where most people really weren't going outside that much anyway. Netflix and Chill is actually a phrase. There are dating Apps, and probably a lot of that relation ship is done through a screen and text.
I now live in the suburbs. I rarely see another person up close. Even at work, they would have to purposely come over to me.

The biggest risk is school and I did do a lion dance presentation at the school and noticed that a lot of little kids were totally coughing everywhere.

Japan has already started doing remote learning. This is a country that is like all about school School on Saturdays. School makes society better, stuff like that.

In the states we have Amazon, working from home and a bunch of stuff that was pushing us to really not go outside all that much. Places were already closing because of it. Maybe this will accelerate all that.


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