Horse stance reading

Last night I did a modified Kung Fu class for myself. Skipping a couple basics and adding in Mein Lay Jum tai chi as a rest. Then the morning did another class. Meditation calisthenics and all that basics all that in a row after a shower. Basics to dry off really. Then outside I did the walking basics all easy with sandals on and stuff followed by one MLJ. Then I ate some yummy food Grace made, and Iraqi dish and leftover fish which broke my Vegan rule. I feel like I paid for that too maybe cause the fish was sitting out all night. Then I was reading Jung Chang's book about Cixi in horse stance. A light horse stance at first, not all crazy and rigid. Sometimes slipping into a more Bruce Lee Japanese style horse stance with more of a hip stretch, and then switching to other various stances. Front stance, cross stance etc. Horse stance us kind of like cardio too I realize and I really should be doing this more often. I also felt like I could pay attention a little bit better. But there is an limit for me too. I don't feel like I can read for 6 hours...I mean I can when the novel is super engaging, but it feels like I am more scatter brained believe or not since being in social distance quarantine. The kids are doing pretty well.