talking fighting running hiding. words vs. microscopic dangers

My main issue when I see videos of people blaming Asians and yelling at them regarding coronavirus is imagine just one of the people in the video have the virus, and people are yelling shouting or even calmly talking and trying to diffuse the situation without masks on from a very close distance and I think, " If one of these people have it they now all have it." We live in an age where being masked up and getting into a stick fight with someone is probably safer than ha ing a calm conversation with them from 3 feet. In the videos they often get closer than that. If someone said these things to me, if I am thinking rationally, I am not going to fight them or "defend myself" I am going to move away from them because I am afraid of them and anyone else who could potent6have the virus and also I am afraid I may have been one of those people who just doesnt6have symptoms (unlikely that this would be the case with an entire family of 4 but still). That being said, when Trump walked back on calling the virus based in geographic location of its origin and said that Asian Americans being harassed with nasty language will not be tolerated in his watch.... it really was a pleasant surprise.