Census Day in Chinatown

 Within the last week I was in Chinatown for a couple of hours with the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), we went from one area to another for the Census event happening that evening/ afternoon. I was using my Chinese speaking skills to help attendees register for the event to have as many people fill out the Census questionnaire. We had many volunteers and other organizations at the event and it is nice to know that events such as these are starting back up. The Chinatown I remember in the summers prior to 2020 has been full of civic engagement and this was the second one of this nature that has happened this year. I hope that this schoolyear will be off to a great start in the community as well. As the Census wraps up in Boston and in Chinatown, I hope that 9/30 is the start of a future that will be full of memories for me and my community. 

                                                     A mural in Chinatown by Wen-Ti Tsen
                                                        The sky above a yard
                                                        A pit stop on the Census tour event
                                                        The other view of the Census banner