Chinatown Fin September 2020


                                                        Outside a church 

                                                        A newer mural on an old block
                                                        Look closely at this picture
                           When Frederick Olmsted created Boston Commons as part of the Emerald Necklace, this was a totally different world. This year has been a different year altogether and I hope that these times and that world will become a greener place for the future. 

                                                    Two Worlds? Or one and the same? 

A newer project and more in the making ?
What do you see?

                                                        This was interesting to see in Boston
                                                    Is AMC Boston Chinatown Loews going to withstand time...
                                            There are a lot of crazy and fun. Stay safe because it is your right. Be safe for yourself, and why not? This place called Boston is so full of potential. It is my home just like it always has.