Back to School 2020


Because it is Halloween season, I think there will be a lot of Disney characters costumed. I think Princess Ana, Elsa, and Mu Lan may be popular.

Bamboo for your office to channel the wood of the China.

For your books, which I prefer than smart/ tech anyday anytime and anywhere. Thanksgiving USA is around the corner and that will be after election season.

Because Staples is one of the go to places for Back to School for me since grade 0. I am wearing my BLS senior shirt and a 920 ring, Mu Lan-inspired oversized scrunchie hair and the black jacket.

A walk downtown into Boston Public Market.

Soaps and Juices for a healthy lifestyle

We missed some celebrations this October but mini-golf still shall happen...

Outside the Youthpass window ready to vote

Come on in

        In the BPM, there is a Boston Honey Co and since BPM opened a month ago after semi-anno of closure, Thursdays is less traffic. When Japanese Knotweed and Black Locust honeys were recommended I remember the days battling these invasive species in the East Boston Greenway in the summer of O9. 

First display

Boston Honey Co card

The harvest of the invasives

I am ready for X MAS

in the back

Bon Me is my go to for BPM because of the awesome history behind it. I love to eat there or at their food trucks. I hope to check out their menu in the near future. Saiyonara Hasta Vista!

I am ready for fairs and amusement parks to open.

Harvest season is almost turning into Winter 2020. What a year for Boston. Hub of the world. I miss Hubweek and conventions in general. I guess time will tell what will come.


Salem. Boston.

Murals and dance in one building.

How many planets are there

This is one place I would visit if you are coming into town now :)