Vist: Boston Chinatown

    When I was strolling down Harrison Ave, I saw there was a new store in town at 83 Harrison. ZZ Desert and One Zo signs are above the entrance. I see there are traditional Chinese flower bouquets in front that indicate a recent grand opening. I saw some familiar faces in the store and decided to venture in for a blog post. I took some pictures of the store that is a few weeks old. I got a caramel milk tea because I wanted something warm for the late October afternoon. The fruit topped original souffle is best eaten fresh from the kitchen. 
    One Zo Boston located in Chinatown is not too busy as of now because of the light foot traffic downtown. Gong cha is a few steps down and is affiliated with them as well. The special trade secret of One Zo is their boba because it is house-made daily with organic ingredients which has benefits to presentation. Most other boba stores use pre packaged boba that is not as local. 
    I took the order and went to eat it local on my makeshift counter. When I was eating and drinking this combo I thought of the store that was its predecessor, New Dong Kanh (DK). I remember that this restaurant was a popular spot for eating, drinking bubble tea drinks, and take-out. I remember the decor and the changes throughout the years of my childhood. I think that this time has been very different for store openings and small businesses in this district. I think that this is a spot I will frequent in Chinatown. I hope to run into more Chinatown locals and visitors alike ;)
View from the entranceway
                                                        Original Souffle (ZZ Dessert)
                                                     Storefront view
                                                        Eat up
                                                        Warm and toasty